Bylaws for Diablo Weavers Guild:

Diablo Weavers BY LAWS (Revised 2010)
The name of this organization shall be DIABLO WEAVERS.
The purpose of this Guild shall be to share weaving and other fiber arts experiences and skills.
Regular members – any dues paying member
Honorary member – Guild members, selected by the Board, who have contributed greatly through personal dedication and weaving expertise.
President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Board shall consist of these officers, plus the appointed chairpersons.
Shall be set by the Board and approved by the membership.  Honorary members are exempt from paying dues.  The fiscal year shall be August 1 to July 31.
The Guild shall meet monthly except for July and August. Normally, meetings shall be held the third Friday of the month, at 10 am. Exceptions for holidays or other reasons shall be communicated to members in advance.
A nominating committee, appointed by the President, shall be announced at the March meeting; the election will be held at the April meeting, with installation at the June meeting.
Notice of proposed revisions or amendments to the By Laws shall be communicated to the members  prior to the next regular meeting, and read before a vote is taken at that meeting.

President:  Shall coordinate and guide the program and policies of the Guild to fulfill its stated purpose; shall preside at all meetings and see that business is properly conducted; may call special meetings providing members are notified at least three days prior to said meetings; is ex-officio member of all committees; shall appoint non-elective committee chairpersons, including ad hoc chairs such as conference display chair when appropriate; Shall call at least one Board meeting a year.
Vice-President and Program Chairperson:  Shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence.  As Program Chairperson, shall develop programs, workshops and Guild projects prior to September meeting.  The Program Chairperson may appoint an Assistant Program Chairperson.
Secretary:  Shall take minutes during business portion of Guild meetings, shall publish the minutes prior to the next meeting for approval at that next meeting.
Treasurer:  Shall be custodian of all Guild monies; receive and record all dues; notify members when in arrears; disburse all monies; make a report at each meeting; monies shall be withdrawn from the bank on checks of this Guild when signed by the Treasurer or President.  The Treasurer shall record the names and addresses of all members and shall arrange for printing and distribution of a yearly roster.
CNCH Liaison:  Serve as liaison between the Guild and the Conference of Northern California Handweavers.  CNCH Liaison represents the Guild at twice-yearly CNCH meetings and as year round contact with CNCH. 
Hospitality Chairperson:  Shall greet guests and introduce them to the Guild; shall also arrange for refreshments, maintain an attendance record and provide name tags for members.  Hospitality Chairperson may appoint an assistant Chairperson.
Communications Chairperson:  Shall collect announcements, reminders, and other news items and communicate such to members on a monthly basis.
Historian:  Shall maintain scrapbook of Guilds activities.
The Board shall set a yearly budget to include expenses for the Guild programs, newsletter, hospitality, conference expenses, meeting room and expenses incurred in conducting approved Guild business.  Budget to be submitted at September meeting.