DVD Library

We share a library of DVD Videos on a number of fiber related topics with Treadles to Threads Spinning Guild. Some we have viewed at past meetings. All are available to members of both guilds. Contract Tina Butler if you would like to borrow one of the DVDs.

Three Bags Full, how to select, prepare & spin fleece,
Judith MacKenzie

12 [Plus] Way to Spin Batts,
Jillian Moreno

How to Spin Yarn to Knit,
Kate Larson

Spinning to Get Even, consistent yarn,
Beth Smith

Card Wool for Color- Gradient, Ombres, Fractals, Self Striping,
Esther Rogers

Combing Fiber-How to Create Tops, 
Robin Russo

A Spinners Toolbox, drafting techniques,
Judith MacKenzie

Spinning Exotic Fiber Blends
Sarah Anderson

The Evolution of Wool, Understanding fleece from Moutain Goat to Merino
Judith MacKenzie

Start Spinning: The Video
Magie Casey with Eunny Jang

Handspinning Rare Wool
Deb Robson

A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color
Laura Bryant

Learn How to Knit Portuguese Style
Andrea Wong

Doubleweave Basics
Jennifer Moore

Block Weaves
Madelyn van der Hoogt

Rug Weaving: Block Weaves and Shaft Switching,
Jason Collingwood

Weaving With Rags: Making Rag Rugs and More
Tom Knisely

Weaving Rep
Rosalie Neilson

Sara Bixler

Weaving with Novelty Yarns
Tom Knisely

Tablet Weaving Made Easy
John Mullarkey

The Loom Owner’s Companion,
Tom Knisely

Splendor In The Highlands: Maya Weavers of Guatemala

A Century of Color: Maya Weaving and Textiles

Manuela and Esperanza: The Art of Mya Weaving

Textile Magicians, Japanese artisans who work with Indigo
Christobal Zanartu