For Sale

Spinning Wheel for sale:

Reeves Spinning Wheel:
One of the last wheels made and signed by Rick Reeves. Asking $800, which is what she paid for it.

Contact Gina Jensen-Hill

Reeves Spinning wheel in Grass Valley

AVL Warping Wheel for sale:

AVL Warping Wheel with Crossmaker. Capable of winding warps from 2 to 30+ yards for sectional warping, or skinny warp chains. $450

Dawn Jacobson

Two floor looms for sale:

A Harrisville Designs (below) and a beautiful Bird’s Eye Maple Counter-balance loom.

view the Maple loom

Harrisville Designs (HD) 22″ 4-Shaft Loom

Harrisville Designs (HD) 4-shaft/4-treadle loom. 22” weaving width. Newly reconditioned with new shaft cables, tie-up cords, aprons, and 600 inserted-eye heddles. Package includes Leclerc boat shuttle, 6 Leclerc bobbins, and a 10-dent reed. This is a great little loom for a beginning weaver, or the weaver who needs a small, portable loom for workshops. $500

Dawn Jacobson

Maple counter-balance loom:

Beautiful Handmade Birdseye loom for Sale

Possibly made in the 30’s of beautiful Birds Eye Maple wood and in climate controlled storage.
See photos below.

From the owners of the loom:

We have a loom that was built by my kids great grandfather, that is hand built. The wood is of rare Bird’s Eye Maple (maybe from the 30’s?)
From what I can gather it is a “double action” loom & please correct my nomenclature.
We would like to sell it if possible. If not the wood is so precious that I can find other uses. It is currently in climate controlled storage.

Mike and Aimee Prisbylla
(925) 682-1407