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November 2022

Current items for sale:

Gilmore Loom
Antique loom
Rigid Heddle loom and equipment
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

Gilmore loom for Sale

Great condition Gilmore 8 shaft loom with extras. 12 dent reed, Sectional beam, warping wedge, and many many heddles. My guess is close to 2000, but haven’t actually counted them all. 46” weaving width.
I’ve woven hundreds of yards of fabric on this loom, and it performs beautifully. However another large loom is coming into the house soon, and I simply don’t have room for both, so this one needs to find a new home.
Located in San Jose, Ca
$1500 OBO
Tara Grosbach

480-580-4020, to call or text

Other looms and equipment

Antique loom for sale

These items are in Oakley. From the current owner:

I have had them for about 20 years, and I got them from a friend who moved out of state,
I wanted to learn how to weave but never got to it and they just take up space now.
I think they are interesting and would normally hold onto them but I think it is time someone else could actually put them to work.
The Loom I think is from the early 1900’s?
Loom, $600, warping wheel $100.

Candy Hogan

Rigid Heddle loom and weaving equipment for sale

One of our members has multiple items for sale, including a Kromski Harp Rigid heddle loom, a LeClerc sectional warping tensioner and an Oak wood spool rack. See photos and details below.

If you are interested in any of the items, contact Kimberley Louie,

The Kromski Harp loon is 32″ and comes with all standard equipment plus the green carrying bag. Retail over $450. Asking $300. Pickup only.

LeClerc sectional warping tensioner with LeClerc counter. Asking $125.

Oak wood spool rack, holds 52 spools, will sell with 26 spoons. Great for sectional warping but might work as a creel for rug making because this piece is very heavy. It’s made of Oak and the spindles are heavy gauge steel rods. $350.

LeClerc Sectional Warping Tensioner
Heavy Oak tensioning device

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Spinning wheel for sale

Ashford Spinning wheel:

Ashford Traditional Saxony style wheel. Single treadle wheel with a lazy Kate, threading hook, and extra bobbins included. For sale at $250.

Ashford Traditional Wheel, $250

Carol Causey

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