For Sale

as of April 2022

Ashford Traditional Wheel for sale

Ashford Traditional Saxony style wheel. Single treadle wheel with a lazy Kate, threading hook, and extra bobbins included. For sale at $250.

Ashford Traditional Wheel, $250, click to enlarge.

Carol Causey

Baby Wolf

Baby Wolf 4-harness loom for sale in Auburn. The owner inherited the loom, which was used and loved for many years. However, she is not a weaver and would like to sell it to someone who would be able to use it. The overall dimensions are 36 inches wide at the feet in the standing position, and 46 1/2 inches tall.

Asking $600. See photo below and a slide show with additional photos.
Diane Delvis

Front View, click to view and zoom in on photo

Reeves Spinning Wheel:

Reeves Spinning Wheel:
One of the last wheels made and signed by Rick Reeves. Asking $700, under what she paid for it.

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