Member Show & Tell

Member’s Show & Tell Works by Month

October 2022 – Member’s projects

At CNCH in San Mateo last May, both Lillian and Carol C. were awarded “Peoples Choice” Awards for their Gallery entries.

Lillian’s small book unfolded to highlight her activities during the shutdown.


At HOME, you Bake, Read, Exercise
and Weave!

Carol C. – View from her deck, from Mother Lode Weaver’s challenge to create something incorporating wood.

Carol C.’s tapestry

Susie shared a recent tapestry called “Doctor Electronic”

Doctor Electronic

And a sample she did for the Loom and Shuttle Study Group on Split-shed Weaving. A single pick-up using warp and weft faced twills.

Split Shed Pick-up: 1 shuttle & broken twills

Jane shared her first weaving, in fingering weight sock yarn:

Reba was the weaver for Meridian Jacob’s Sheep to Shawl entry at Lambtown.

Meridian Jacob’s Sheep to Shawl completed
Close up of the shawl Reba wove

September 2020 – Spring 2022

As part of Sharing in March, Vilija included an interesting short video about Kent State professor and artist Janice Lessman-Moss, who creates complex woven images for wall display, for contemplation and enjoyment.