January 2023

Our January meeting will be on Friday, January 20, with a presentation by Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs.

We have a potential workshop scheduled for April 12-13, Wednesday and Thursday, on Weaving with Supplemental Warps. However, we need to know ahead of time to confirm this workshop as the presenter is traveling from Montana and will be giving workshops for two other guilds in California. If we have a workshop she likely will fly in and out via Oakland or SFO. If not, she will be making reservations to fly to Sacramento. So–if you are interested please bring a check to our meeting on January 20. The cost is $125 for two days, including handouts. For details see: Weaving with Supplemental Warps

October 2022

We are getting in full swing for the coming year, 2022-23. In September we had our informal gathering and stash sale. Starting this month we resume meetings at the Walnut Creek library branch on Oak Grove.

Meetings have been scheduled through January for the third Friday of the month at the library and will likely include a zoom session for those unable to attend in person.

We welcome ideas for programs for the coming year, and continue to encourage new members and guests.

Summer 2022

We break for the summer, returning to meeting monthly in September. Our first meeting will be September 16, 2022. The following Saturday, September 17, our study group will meet from 10:00 AM – 12:00 noon at Maureen’s home in Walnut Creek. See:

In September, we will have an informal gathering and sharing of summer adventures as well as have our annual stash sale of fiber related items, with a portion of the sale going to the guild. Please bring your dues to the September meeting. See Programs page for details:

Diablo Weavers Ravelry group

Our study group recently revitalized the Diablo Weavers Study Group on Ravelry. We will use this group to share photos of our recent projects, ask questions and share resources. We will also use the group to decide on upcoming topics. Please sign in and check it out!

If you are a Ravelry member, this link will take you there:

If you are not a Ravelry member, here is a link to sign up:

The next Study Group meeting is going to be on April 9, 2022. See the study group page for details: Study Group

Joan Anderson

A close friend to so many of us, long time Diablo member Joan Anderson passed away after a short but serious illness the last week of October.

Joan was an intelligent and creative person who chose fiber arts as her medium. She was a long time weaver, knitter, beader, spinner, and seamstress. Her color sense and her designs were always well thought out and beautifully put together. 

Locally, she was active with Diablo Weavers Guild, Treadles to Threads Spinners, Valley Stitchers and Fiber Artists Guild, as well as other civic service organizations. She was an avid and gutsy traveller, never letting her physical limitations deter her. Whether it was to just be an interested tourist, or to take classes at a conference in one of her many interests, she was always excited to be on the go.

Joan was a member of the CNCH Advisory Group for many years. She took the reins as Chair of the 2012 CNCH conference in Oakland. It was a somewhat difficult time in that volunteers were simply not there. After a couple months of frustration, some of us actually urged her to cancel the plans and simply not let the conference happen. But that was not Joan! She had a dedication to the weaving community that few of us had. Her perseverance, her confidence, and her optimism came through. She was able to finally put together a great team that worked hard to make a good, successful Conference.

Within Diablo, Joan took her turn, more than once, for practically every officer position that we have. Diablo has always had many in-house programs with our members providing the meeting plans or make-and-take projects. Her stamp was on very many of them through the years, always willing to brainstorm ideas and help with the execution of what ever was thought of. For many years, she created special little fun objects to give to each of us who she knew was going to conference – they were to be attached to our name tags and it was fun to see what she came up with each year.

Joan clearly loved her family unfailingly, her daughter, her son, her granddaughter and her four siblings. Many of us shared in her granddaughter, Eleanor’s, growing up years. A great story she told about her own childhood, as one of five children, was having to pick up the walnuts from the half dozen or so trees her Dad had. She said they all complained every year about the job, and why can’t he hire someone to do that! His answer was always, “That’s what I have five kids for!” They were, and are still, a close knit family and I know they will miss her intelligence, her fierce independence, and her love, even more than those of us who came into her life later.

[written for Diablo by Vilija]

CNCH 2022 Registration Opens

Registration for the Conference of Northern California Handweavers, CNCH 2022, opens Monday, November 1 at 9 AM

A wide number of classes are being offered as well as a variety of other activities, including a Vendor Hall, Galleries, a banquet and Keynote Speaker. Register early for the best choice of classes.

See the CNCH 2022 website for details and a link to the registration page: