Studios and Classes

Museums and Art Centers

Weaving and Spinning Guilds


Major suppliers

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Studios and Classes:

Local weaving classes and online weaving instruction

Walnut Creek Center for Community Arts

Meridian Jacobs, Vacaville

Online classes:

Jane Stafford Textiles:

Vastruga Weaving Studios:

Tien Chu, Working with Color:

Museums and Art Centers

Bay area fiber museums

Textile Arts Council, San Francisco

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

Regional and National Weaving Guilds:

HGA is a national organization. CNCH is the umbrella organization for our guild and sponsor of the annual conference, which will be held in San Mateo in May 2022.

HGA: The Handweavers Guild of America

Complex Weavers

CNCH: The Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Bay Area Weaving & Spinning Guilds:

Golden Gate Weavers, Berkeley CA

Loom and Shuttle Weaving Guild, San Francisco CA

Treadles to Threads Spinning Guild, Walnut Creek CA

Spindles & Flyers Spinning Guild, Berkeley CA

BABM, Bay Area Basket Makers, Oakland CA

Tapestry Weavers West

Publications, print and digital:

Two of our favorite weaving magazines


Heddlecraft, a digital weaving magazine by Robin Spady

An article on basket making, outlining the basic materials and process, submitted by Jess M., a visitor to our site. Scroll down to find an extensive number of links to basket making resources:

Major suppliers:

We encourage everyone to shop locally for yarns and supplies. However, sometimes you need a special yarn or want to view equipment available.

Eugene Textile Center:

Paradise Fibers:

Halacon Yarn:

The Woolery:

The Yarn Barn of Kansas:

Cotton Clouds:


And more..

An archive and other links related related to weaving.

A digital archive of weaving drafts and historical information, with extra features for subscribers:

Fabric of Life: dedicated to preserving and passing on traditional skills in our modern world:

About sources of fiber and local organizations.

Linda Cortright’s Wild Fibers magazine, books, beautiful cashmere and travel adventures:

Chico Flax: