For Sale

May 2023

Current items for sale:

– Clemes & Clemes Traditional Wheel
– Norwegian Spinnning wheel

Vintage Clemes & Clemes Spinning Wheel

This A-407-1975 wheel has 3 bobbins, and a distaff. It has been lightly used. The owner would like $800 but will negotiate if need be.

The wheel is currently at his daughter’s home in Walnut Creek. To see it in person please contact:
Kristina Nixon

The owner is Bob Wilkinson,

Background on the wheel:
In the early 90s I was taking weaving classes at Mendocino college in Ukiah. A bulletin board in the class room had notices of weaving related things for sale. I responded to a notice of a 4 foot floor loom for sale in Redwood Valley.  The lady said she inherited the loom from her mother and it also included the wheel.  She had no interest in the loom or the spinning wheel and who ever bought the loom had to buy the wheel.  So I bought both of them.  I had the spinning wheel, built in 1975, for 30 years and never used it.  I always admired the work that went into making the spinning wheel. So the wheel is 48 years old and “slightly used”. 
A similar wheel is now for sale on ebay for $2,000.

A-407-1975 wheel, comes with 3 bobbins and a distaff.

Norwegian Spinning Wheel

An interesting older Norwegian Spinning Wheel, originally from western Minnesota, is for sale in Walnut Creek. See photos below. Contact Roger Osmundson: for more information. Can be delivered in Walnut Creek.

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