Study Group

Diablo Weavers Study Group

We are a group of Diablo Weavers Guild members who choose to meet
quarterly to share and discuss a weaving topic. As a group, we select a topic to study. At our meetings we discuss our experiments, successes, and failures. We find that doing a deep show-and-tell session together is very educational and inspiring for weavers of all levels

We have recently decided to switch our regular meetings to Saturdays at noon. We are hoping that this new time will encourage weavers who cannot come to the regular Diablo Weavers Guild meeting to join us in the Study Group.

At the upcoming meeting we will select our January meeting date. Our next meeting is Saturday, October 2 at noon. Please text Marueen Miller at 925-451-1118 if you would like more details. Or you can send a message using our Contact form.

Prospective study group members who are not yet members of the Diablo Weavers Guild are welcome to attend one study group meeting as a visitor.  To continue attending, it will be necessary to join the Guild.