Tapestry Exhibit

Aiko Kobayashi Gray had an Exhibit at the Orinda Library during the month of October 2021

Aiko’s tapestry for the Orinda Exhibit
Piece for the Orinda Library
“Circo Americano” – Look for the animals and other interesting images

There was a reception at the Orinda Library for the Opening of the Exhibit on Saturday, October 2, from 3:00-5:00 pm.

View additional tapestries in the Exhibit and the story behind them in our Gallery section: https://diabloweavers.org/aikos-tapestry-exhibit/

Artist’s statement
Aiko Kobayashi Gray

Aiko strives to weave into her tapestries emotions and reflections from a certain time and place- a small offering from her lifelong voyage of discovery… Desert winds from Andalucia, riotous colors from Guatemala and playful images of children and animals closer to home can all be found in her work. Aiko likes to travel and has been to many places in our world often drawing inspiration for that best journey of all that you will see in her tapestries… the journey of the imagination.
Aiko weaves tapestries and shawls and knits sweaters with natural fiber, cotton, linen, wool and silk often doing her own spinning and natural or chemical dying.

Aiko has had dozens of shows in several countries. 

Her tapestries use plain weave in two techniques, weft face and a balanced weave. Aiko’s loom is a simple wood frame which she scores at top and bottom for warp placement. No cartoon is used but Aiko does start with a general idea of theme and then adds color and materials. The materials range from handspun wool to synthetics in a variety of sizes. Aiko hopes to convey a sense of movement of air, wind, smell, sound or music.

See her website at: http://www.aikokobayashi.com

Life Journey”